• August 24, 2022

Luxury Residential EC Located at Tengah Car Free Town

One of Singapore’s newest smart towns is set to be built near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It will feature five distinct districts, each containing a unique mix of amenities. To find out more, read on to learn about Tengah EC. Tengah EC new town will feature a mix of residential, commercial, and cultural activities. The EC is situated close to a community club, polyclinic, and bus interchange, and is close to a future “car-free” town centre.

The new EC is a hybrid development with both private and HDB elements. The residential complex will contain two kinds of communities: freehold residences and midwood condos. It will also have plenty of public transportation options. This residential complex aims to be the first of its kind in the Western region. The development will offer residents the best of both worlds. Tengah EC is a great choice for those who are seeking a unique combination of privacy and accessibility.

Located in the town centre, the New Port Residences EC is a landmark development in Tengah. The project is near major transportation hubs and features a range of recreational facilities. These include a swimming pool, a basketball court, a fitness and gymnasium, a mini golf course, a community hall, and a library and auditorium. The development is close to public transportation, shopping centres, and parks.

Located near the Central Business District, Tengah EC is set to offer a variety of living and working opportunities. Residents can expect to live in a unique community that offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern conveniences. It will also be an eco-friendly, well-coordinated community. The development will be comprised of five distinct districts, each with their own amenities and features.

As a result, the Tengah EC is a unique development in Singapore. The site is surrounded by mature housing estates, while being accessible from Jurong, Bukit Batok, and Choa Chu Kang. It is also close to nature reserves, making it an ideal place to live. For those looking for an urban lifestyle that’s close to everything, Tengah EC is an ideal choice.

The new town is set to offer 42,000 new residences, 30,000 public housing devices, a community farmway and a huge main park. It will also feature dedicated bike and walking paths. It will be close to the Tengah military airbase and will be developed in phases over the next two decades. The first phase will be completed by 2020. A further phase will be launched in 2022.

The plan calls for an urban environment that is car-lite, with the majority of residents commuting to work and school by bike. Tengah will have 12 educational institutions located within two kilometres of the EC site. The EC will be a mixed-use development with a range of retail and leisure facilities. It is slated to be Singapore’s first smart town.

The new development near the CBD is aiming to be the first “smart town” in the West region. It will feature smart homes and numerous eco features. The project also plans to include electric car charging stations in carparks. In addition, the town will offer easy access to the city centre. And, as a bonus, it will be able to integrate all of these features seamlessly into its overall green theme.

The town will be an eco-friendly, forest-inspired development with a car-free town centre. It will also include an underground town centre. With its green features, it will offer new homes for Singaporeans. And, it will complement the Jurong Innovation District and Jurong Lake District. The plan is expected to be launched in 2020. The developer plans to build an urban environment with a high quality of living.

Located near the city centre, the Tengah EC is within easy reach of the CBD, Jurong Innovation District and the Jurong Lake District, the second largest central business district outside the city centre. The EC is also conveniently accessible by public transport, making it the ideal choice for those looking to relocate to the city. This development is also located close to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, one of the best nature reserves in the region.

The Tengah EC is an environmentally-friendly town that offers many recreational opportunities for residents. It is located near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which is a popular spot for weekend activities. ECs are available only to Singapore citizens, and residents are required to be married or in a committed relationship in order to be eligible to apply. Despite the benefits, applicants should note that it is important to check whether you are eligible to join a marriage or a relationship before submitting an application.

The Tengah EC is a mixed development, consisting of 400 condos and apartments. The community is conveniently located near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which is an outstanding spot for birdwatching and hiking. It is also within walking distance to Bukit Batok MRT station. The community is equipped with the latest in green building technology. The condos in the complex are fully furnished and offer great views of lush greenery.

The EC is adjacent to a future MRT station and a bus interchange. It has 12 parcels set aside for educational institutions. It is a green, car-lite town, and will have access to public transport and free parking. It will also be a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists. Its location close to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve makes it a convenient location for commuters.

The Tengah EC will feature five distinct districts: the Park District, the Plantation District, the Brickland and the Forest Hill District. Each district will have its own distinct character and features. A park with more than two thousand trees will be the largest green space in Tengah. Residents will also have the chance to engage in farm-to-table dining, participate in farmers’ markets, and interact with the kampung spirit.

The Park District: This district will feature a park and greenery. Residents will be able to access Central Park via a 1.5km rainforest walk. The area is also surrounded by a 20-metre-wide forest fringe. There are plenty of green spaces in and around the EC, including Jurong Lake Gardens, Little Guilin, Bukit Batok Nature Park, and Little Guilin. The development’s central park will provide a spectacular backdrop for residents.

The development is based on biophilic design principles. It will also have smart technology and a focus on sustainability. The smart city app will provide residents with information on their utility bills, centralised cooling, and more. The system will also provide education and competitions to promote energy conservation. As a result, residents will have the opportunity to make lifestyle changes based on the data collected. Ultimately, the EC will help reduce air pollution and improve the quality of life for all of its residents.

Tengah will have an amphitheatre and 20 ha of central park. It will feature many green features and be integrated with the water bodies to create an attractive recreational space. This new town will also be a great place to live for employees in the Jurong Innovation District. The Jurong Innovation District is expected to be completed by 2022 and will be located partly within the town limits. There are many benefits for this new development for the Jurong Innovation District.

Aside from its location near the CBD, Tengah EC will feature two luxury residential communities. These will include a freehold house and midwood condo. The two communities will be surrounded by nature and will be connected to each other by a network of smart features. Upon completion, Tengah EC will have over 4,000 units. It is expected to be completed in 2022.

Tengah EC will be a green town. Its town center will be car-free and will have dedicated walking and cycling pathways. This development will also feature green infrastructure, such as a centralized cooling system. The residential communities will be a prestigious destination for investors. They will be equipped with green technologies that are important for sustainability and energy efficiency. They will be surrounded by lush greenery, which is important in the city’s air quality.

The new community will feature a car-free town centre, which will separate pedestrian and motor traffic. Moreover, the community will be near an integrated community hub that promotes sustainable living. Moreover, the area will also have convenient access to public transportation, including the Cross Island Line. This line will connect Changi and Jurong to Jurong Industrial Estate and will go through Bukit Timah, Clementi and West Coast.

The Reserve Residences will be 36 stories high, a mix of commercial and residential units. Located near the beauty world estate, the new community will also enhance transportation connectivity and add a vibrant ambiance to the precinct. Reserve Residences is expected to cost close to $1 billion. A total of 42,000 units will be built in this new town. The Reserve Residences is set to complete in 2022.

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