• August 6, 2021
Yishun EC Located at Yishun Town Near to Business District

Yishun EC Located at Yishun Town Near to Business District

Yishun EC, formerly known as Sing Holdings Real Estate Development, is the latest addition to the rapidly growing city of Yishun. Yishun Town is a growing metropolis in central Singapore offering an abundant number of new homes and businesses. This rapidly growing city features both commercial and residential areas for residents and tourists alike. This rapidly growing area offers an ideal place to relocate to in the city of Singapore with many luxurious homes and condominiums available for sale.

Yishun East Central Business Precinct is a newly developed retail and food court that offers residents a premium shopping experience. The mall is two stories and includes an executive condominium and a private condominium featuring award winning architecture. The Yishun East Central Business Precinct has been designed specifically with the Yishun Business corridor in mind. This is a prime shopping and business centre in the city of Singapore with major retailers like SMI, ACM, Lifestyle, Forever 21, Scent Garden, and Crate & Barrel. This is an ideal location for shoppers looking for a large number of top brand outlets.

Yishun EC has an MRT station that is accessible by the residents of Yishun EC. The MRT station has been relocated to the northern part of the city of Singapore. The MRT station can be found just beside the Yishun avenue in the northern part of the city of Singapore. The Yishun EC offers convenient travel access to the airport, the national public library, and the Bank of Singapore. The shopping district of Yishun is also conveniently located close to the Yishun airport and the train station. The facilities provided by Yishun East Central Business Precinct make it a preferred residential real estate investment.

The property is fully furnished with the latest electronic appliances. The private townhouse communities are serviced by a high speed Internet connection with eSATA connectivity. The property is also available with a low entry price and a competitive premium. The properties offered by Yishun EC have a total land area of 1016 square meters. The properties in this section are fully furnished with modern appliances and offer a serene and luxurious environment.

The private townhouse community has a town house style kitchen with double ovens, dishwashers, refrigerator, security camera, microwave, and bar fridge. The facilities provided by Yishun ECs include an exclusive carport with sliding garage doors, a wet bar, and refrigerator. This property is conveniently located near Yishun MRT station and the Singlish MRT Station. The private townhouse community has a single store front with two floors. It has a fully furnished kitchen with granite countertops, and a service counter for car repairs and deliveries.

This Yishun EC offers fully furnished apartments in central wards of Kuala Lumpur. This fully furnished apartment has been recently renovated with the latest modern technology and interior designs. The property is strategically located near the major bus stations and shopping malls in the city. The apartment buildings have air conditioning/heaters inside the walls. Due to its close proximity to the MRT station, Yishun EC is easily accessible from both directions. It is an ideal place for making purchases of the latest electronic gadgets.

The Yishun EC has many executive condominium units located in the most affluent areas of the town. The executive condominium is made with great design and luxury. The units are fully furnished and come with high-speed Internet connection, safety camera, carport, swimming pool, gymnasium and parking space. Most units have direct garage access. With its magnificent views of the city, the executive condominium is a great choice for living a relaxed life away from the hustle and bustle of the bustling Kuala Lumpur avenue.

The Yishun EC offers three types of apartment; the flat with one or two bedrooms, the apartment with three or more bedrooms and the fully furnished private terrace units. The blk zone is a special development meant to cater the high rise residential requirements of the middle class citizens. The blk zone has all the modern facilities of an elite lifestyle with facilities such as clubhouses, sky-touching apartments and many restaurants. These residential properties are not only affordable but also provide all the basic amenities required by an individual.

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