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Dos and Don'ts

Is there someone you know who may be suicidal? What should you do?


  • Stay calm!
  • Show that you care, and be there for the person.
  • Listen to their problems and feelings.
  • Be accepting, patient and gentle.
  • Ask openly and directly if they are thinking of harming or killing themselves.
  • Encourage them to seek help and talk to someone they trust.
  • Get help from other people.
  • Contact SOS or other services.


  • Making moral judgements or arguing about whether suicide is right or wrong.
  • Giving advice that wasn't asked for.
  • Giving false assurances.
  • Telling the person about your own problems.
  • Saying things like "It's wrong to feel suicidal" or "Pull yourself together; I know lots of people who are worse off than you".
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