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8 Nov 2011 - Samaritans of Singapore's re-enactment of two "volunteers" handling calls that come in through the SOS hotline.

Press Releases

12 July 2013 - Number of Suicide in age group 20-29 increased by 80percent
7 September 2012 - World Suicide Prevention Day 2012
23 July 2012 - More Young People who email SOS Engage in Self-harming behaviours
26 July 2011 - Increase in Number of Calls Involving Loan Sharks and Gambling Issues
26 July 2010 - Increase in Suicide Rate in 2009
4 Dec 2009 - SOS 40th Anniversary
28 Jul 2009 - Men in 40-49 Age Group at Highest Risk of Suicide
4 Aug 2008 - Suicide Rate Lowest in 8 Years

Media Guidelines for Suicide Reporting

A Resource for Media Professionals
by World Health Organization (WHO) & International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)

Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide and Self-harm
by Samaritans UK

For media enquiries, please contact us at

SOS Publications

WHY? When Both My Parents Took Their Lives
by Yin (2008)
Available in all major bookstores.
We hear you
by Samaritans of Singapore (2000)
THE WISH TO DIE: Suicidal Behaviour in Singapore
by Kok Lee Peng, Tsoi Wing-Foo, Maureen Fung (1993)
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